Friday, March 13, 2009

Kandasamy Audio launch on 5th April

The audio of much expected Vikram’s movie Kandasamy is to be released on April 5th at a grand function in which big Bollywood star will be the chief guest.

Kandasamy directed by Susi Ganeasan, produced by Kalaipuli.S Thanu is one of the much awaited Kollywood film of 2009. Vikram acts in the lead role, whilst Shriya Saran, Krishna, Ashish Vidyarthi, Indrajith Sukumaran, Prabhu Ganesan and Vivek also play important roles in the film. The film’s music has been score by Devi Sri Prasad. The film is also to be released as Mallana in Telugu.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

13 B - A Review

The film "13 B" is based on so called para-normal or supernatural powers, whatever you may call it. It takes you on a journey for 2 hors and 30 minutes only to explain what it is all about and why it strikes only the hero of this film.
13 B starts with a joint family comprising of total 8 members shifting to their new residence in an apartment that is numbered 13B. Strange things are noticed happening in the house and the hero of the film is the one who is worst affected as he thinks too much about every smallest occurrence. But, when he comes to know that the TV serial that is watched by him and his family members is only seen on their TV set, he seeks help from his Police officer friend- Murali Sharma, who too witnesses a strange thing happening in his own house, after watching a particular scene in that serial in their house.
With the help of clues provided by Madhavan, the Police officer with the help of their family doctor( Sachin Khedekar) tries to unravel the mystery. But, as the film reaches the climax, there seems to be no logic in the twists and turns provided by director- Vikram k kumar . In fact, after watching that unnecessarily dragged suspense, the audience is left unsatisfied when the truth behind this drama is revealed.
13 B had a very good theme to make it more interesting film like ‘the sixth sense’ but the screenplay was not properly presented. All interesting things are shown happening only after interval with a remarkable work of cinematography from P.C. Sreeram. The background music score is also well matched with the script; but the unwanted noisy scenes with screaming voices by the three characters in the climax should have been avoided. The songs were not at all required in this kind of script which has been dragged too long .
The editing is bad as the film shouldn’t have crossed more than 2 hours. Some of the scenes like the lift going up and down repeatedly , the hero getting into the lift and making repeated attempts to make it work , he climbing the stairs every time are just another way of killing time, like the TV serials do. However, the best part of the film are the performances by all the artists.
In spite of many flaws and its stretching for longer time, 13 B still appears to be a different film from the regular horror films, for the manner in which it has been presented.

Review of Delhi 6

What a team we have had here, AR Rahman, Abhishek, Rishi Kapoor, Sonam and UTV, all stalwarts in their respective fields of work and art. But it takes only one and only one person to screw it up all. Yes the “Director” who i am afraid has also fiddled and poked his nose in editing of Delhi 6. This film aroused quite a bit of curiosity because of the anonymity it maintained before its release.
All the songs and the lines” Yeh dilli hain mere yaar, bas ishq muhabbat pyar” Yeh shaher nahi mehfil hain” made people more desperate to grab this film and eat it entirely. But the director has really not done justice to visualizing the beautiful songs by Rahman.
The film falls flat, flat on its face with no remains of any dignity after this fall. If anyone may want to waste full 2.5 plus hours it should only be for Sonam and the music and the lyrics (qawwali at Jama Masjid is awesome - don’t miss listening). If me being a non Delhi walah seems so pissed off by seeing the cultural reminisce of this grand city, imagine what a die hard Delhi citizen would feel seeing the gimmicks done by a sleazy photographer, an unfaithful young wife and the poor proliferation of the Monkey Man.
One wonders what is the director attempting (hard) to convey. His direction has squeezed the juice out of a orange and thrown the remains at the audience.
There is absolutely no chemistry between Abhishek and Sonam or maybe the director did not attempt to show any. Sonam looks awesome on screen but her role is a total waste.
No message, No entertainment, no excitement but plain nonsense. The cheap humor in the movie is placed at the most inappropriate of times.
In summary, Delhi 6 is, a fruit with no juice, body with no life.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu- A Silent HIT!!!

The storyline of the movie goes like this. An underdog kabaddi team loses every possible match it can. Finally, the members decide to prove their mettle. Helping them is a kind-hearted coach. Adding spice to the proceedings is a gentle love story involving a girl(whose name is never revealed in the movie) and a member of the kabaddi team(hero). The director is spot-on in all departments and that makes the film a MUST-SEE.
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Will Naan Kadavul grab some National Awards

Tamil people have been waiting for atleast 2 years for this movie from Bala since it created a lot of expectations from the day the movie title was announced by him. The movie released worldwide on 6th Feb 2009 amidst great expectations. Arya and Pooja have excelled in their roles to live up to director Bala's vision. Arya has put tremendous efforts, grew hair, learnt yoga and lived his character. Maestro Ilaiyaraja has composed the music. Bala has always brought out sensible and different films that can be called typical BALA movies. His previous movie 'Pithamagan' being a National Award Winner, Will this film continue the trend?
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