Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review of Delhi 6

What a team we have had here, AR Rahman, Abhishek, Rishi Kapoor, Sonam and UTV, all stalwarts in their respective fields of work and art. But it takes only one and only one person to screw it up all. Yes the “Director” who i am afraid has also fiddled and poked his nose in editing of Delhi 6. This film aroused quite a bit of curiosity because of the anonymity it maintained before its release.
All the songs and the lines” Yeh dilli hain mere yaar, bas ishq muhabbat pyar” Yeh shaher nahi mehfil hain” made people more desperate to grab this film and eat it entirely. But the director has really not done justice to visualizing the beautiful songs by Rahman.
The film falls flat, flat on its face with no remains of any dignity after this fall. If anyone may want to waste full 2.5 plus hours it should only be for Sonam and the music and the lyrics (qawwali at Jama Masjid is awesome - don’t miss listening). If me being a non Delhi walah seems so pissed off by seeing the cultural reminisce of this grand city, imagine what a die hard Delhi citizen would feel seeing the gimmicks done by a sleazy photographer, an unfaithful young wife and the poor proliferation of the Monkey Man.
One wonders what is the director attempting (hard) to convey. His direction has squeezed the juice out of a orange and thrown the remains at the audience.
There is absolutely no chemistry between Abhishek and Sonam or maybe the director did not attempt to show any. Sonam looks awesome on screen but her role is a total waste.
No message, No entertainment, no excitement but plain nonsense. The cheap humor in the movie is placed at the most inappropriate of times.
In summary, Delhi 6 is, a fruit with no juice, body with no life.

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